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Back to Fiction: What I'm Reading This Summer

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I am always trying to reconnect with books. I read everything from historical fiction to technical books.

  • Altered States of Consciousness, edited by Charles T. Tart

  • Genocide, by Orson Scott Card

  • Fire from Heaven, by Mary Renault

  • A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking

  • Dune, by Frank Herbert

  • Foundation Series, by Isaac Asimov

Books played such an important role in my life as I went about my childhood and later adulthood. I read where others prefer television. Most of the pictures play out in my head better than they do on the big or small screen. I know this is a very eclectic selection. Some people think they know others by looking at the books, shows, movies, social media content and follows, but this metadata never tells the full story. Let people tell you in their own words, I say. That is why I have decided it was high time to blog. Sometimes my opinions go beyond mere work, and that is why I am choosing to write here. There isn't much now, but there will be! I hope you all leave comments if you have read these books or have questions about them.


Martin Emerson Low
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