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Martin Low

About Martin Low


  • Photography

  • Numismatics

  • Reading Books

  • Statistical Analysis

  • AI

  • Blockchain

  • Web 3.0

  • Universal Data Model

  • Travel

  • Cooking

  • The Visual Arts

  • Dance

  • Yoga



The Web and I, Inc

Senior Consultant and Systems Engineer

1/07 to Present


•Project Management

•Website creation and Management 2.0 and 3.0

•Website AI Automations including

•Automatic AI authored essay writing using your outline producing clear, authoritative text that search engines love; and,

• AI Presenter Videos with your choice of many human presenters to professionally narrate your blog entries.

•NFT Domains

•NFT Smart Contracts

•NFT Distributed Automated Organizations (DAO)

•Database and Application Design.

•Apps and Web Applications including cross browser and cross device software testing.

•Custom Business Software / QA / QI

•ERP Implementations

•CRM Implementations

•Accounting Implementations

•Universal Data Models

•Data Modeling

•AI Function Design and Execution.

•Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering.

•Event Logistics.

•Public Speaking.

•Video Production

Martin Emerson Low
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