Martin Low CV


The Web and I, Inc

Senior Consultant and Systems Engineer

1/07 to Present

•Project Management

•Website creation and Management 2.0 and 3.0

•Website AI Automations including

•Automatic AI authored essay writing using your outline producing clear, authoritative text that search engines love; and,

• AI Presenter Videos with your choice of many human presenters to professionally narrate your blog entries.

•NFT Domains

•NFT Smart Contracts

•NFT Distributed Automated Organizations (DAO)

•Database and Application Design.

•Apps and Web Applications including cross browser and cross device software testing.

•Custom Business Software / QA / QI

•ERP Implementations

•CRM Implementations

•Accounting Implementations

•Universal Data Models

•Data Modeling

•AI Function Design and Execution.

•Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering.

•Event Logistics.

•Public Speaking.

•Video Production

Columbia University

Funding Resources Coordinator

6/05 – 1/07

•Served on functional implementation staff for grants management ERP software, InfoEd.

•On Design team that created ERP data interfaces into and out departments.

•Analyzed legacy data and created files for extract, transform, and load for functional and technical team. (ETL).

Data was analyzed, cleansed, and incorporated where strategically necessary..

•On team managing lifecycle software testing process

•Designed, executed, and documented functional and technical tests.

•Statistically analyzed data for imputing missing values and overall quality.

•Wrote technical documentation and policies and procedures for the ERP helpdesk and assisted in training faculty and staff.

•Responsible for setting up the security roles in all modules as well as set up of ERP software implementation.

•Created new workflows for numerous departments to re-engineer existing business processes.

•On team that successfully performed S2S grant and funding transmissions to Genius data was populated by a live interface inbound to the ERP Program from Columbia's PeopleSoft HR Module.

•Data Design and Data Modeling.

NYU School of Medicine

Funding Resources Coordinator

8/00 – 5/05

•Served as functional administrator for grants management software, InfoEd ERP

•Created an intellectual inventory to best match personnel for projects with existing faculty and research staff as well as to match funding opportunities to promising faculty, postdoctoral fellows and research staff.

•Implemented and configured ERP software modules: PT, PD, Genius, SMARTS, SPIN, and Project Management (Later became Post Award Modules).

•Designed and implemented N-Tier security in conjunction with ERP reporting to allow the selective access to information for key decisionmakers to get the data they need while maintaining compliance with institutional policies.

•Helped the Office of Clinical Trials to help them use CTMS as a research compliance tool, ensuring that research billing would be done correctly and avoiding millions in future fines.

•Populated the Genius profiles institutionally and linked them to SPIN and SMARTS. With this system implemented, faculty, research staff, and even promising postdoctoral fellows received daily funding opportunity notifications which were targeted strictly to their specialties. Cleansed and performed AI Imputation of missing data according to departmentally provided rules.

Thompson Financial

Conference Coordinator

7/97 – 6/00

Coordination of conference attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors using queries in an MS Access database front-end for query, reporting, and mailing labels for an existing legacy CRM attendee and event management system (EMS) to provide live statistical data and leads used by their accounting and marketing departments.

Medical Billing Systems

General Manager

7/93 – 7/97

•Responsible for the coordination of SCO UNIX and SCO XENIX terminal server implementations of the Medical Manager software. Installed and managed Medical Manager software for clients.

•Responsible for training and supervision of marketing and sales staff.

•Wrote instruction manuals.

•All functions of operation.


Website and Database Design and Administration:

•Website Design: HTML, DHTML, ASP, W3C, CSS, ASP.NET, XML, SEO, 508 Compliance, Accessibility, Cross Browser Compatibility Testing, Load Testing, Federal and State Legal Compliance, SharePoint Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle, MS SQL Server / Azure, Web 2.0., Web 3.0 Design, NFT’s, NFT Domains, HTML 5.0, Hosting, Apps for all devices, and more.

Microsoft Office Specialties:

•Microsoft: Microsoft Office VBA (Visual Basic For Applications) Developer. Programming including integration with ODBC database connections, creating digital dashboards, MS Access Applications with InstallShield Installation, ActiveX Objects. Design and creation of self-starting InstallShield Install packages for custom Microsoft Office / Microsoft Cloud access.

•Adobe: Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash.

Software Implementation Skills:

•Software Testing: load and security testing and analysis including test design and execution, traditional load testing, unit testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, compliance testing, test case design, software testing standards and best practices implementation and compliance programs.

•Information Architecture and Data Mapping and Analysis.

•ETL (extract, transform, and load).

•AI Data Automated Cleansing and algorithmic Imputation of missing data according to functionally agreed-upon rules.

•Help Desk and Call Center design, supervision, and documentation.

•Technical writing and editing including writing manuals and curriculum.

•Password Manager Software Implementation and Security Testing.

Martin Emerson Low